Maltego Integration

Harness the power of Maltego within your organisation.

What is Maltego Integration?

By building your own transforms you can integrate nearly any data source into Maltego allowing you to easily visualise the relationships in your information. Maltego integration includes building transforms, entities and machines to model your own internal data. Maltego's flexibility in the data that can integrated with the tool is one of the reasons why many organizations choose it as a visualisation platform for their data.

Why Integrate your data with Maltego?

Visualising your data in Maltego allows you to identify patterns and connections in your information that would be impossible to see when viewing the same data in conventional methods. Integrating your data in Maltego allows you to quickly query information from varied sources and easily perform link analysis on the information.

Maltego integration provides the following advantages:

  • You can visualise information from various external sources along with your own internal data. This allows you to correlate relationships between your internal information and the outside world.
  • Maltego provides a single platform where data from a wide range of sources can be viewed together and interrogated.
  • Integrating your data with Maltego also provides a means for distributing access to your data to analysts working in your team.

Who is Maltego Integration for?

In general there are two types of people/organisations who would integrate their data in Maltego:

  • The first type being people/organisations who want their internal data visualised so that it can be analysed by an internal team.
  • The second type are data vendors who sell access to their data feeds as their business. Maltego can be used by these organisations as a front-end delivery platform for their data to their end users. Some of the data vendors who are already doing this can be found on the Transform Hub.

If you are interested in Paterva assisting your organisation with data integration please send us an email and someone will get back to you.