Maltego Showcase

This page provides a couple of practical examples of what Maltego can be used for.

Maltego offers the flexibility of being able to integrate with almost any data source, because of this it can be found in a wide range of industries helping with various tasks from investigating fraud to network footprinting and OSINT. This page provides descriptions and links to a few write-ups using Maltego that demonstrate just some of the capabilities of the tool.

Network footprinting with Maltego


This blog entry demonstrates how Maltego can be used to footprint a company's network using a range of OSINT techniques.

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Social Network Monitoring


Maltego can easily be used to monitor the activity of a list of Twitter users using machines in Maltego. The post also demonstrates how alerts can be set up in Maltego that are triggered on certain graph conditions.

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Cyber crime investigation


This post will demonstrate the ways to investigate and track real identity of an anonymous website operator promoting and selling DDOS attacking services for Bitcoins.

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Uncovering a new Angler-Bedep actor with Maltego - written by @swannysec. This blog post is about finding correlations between email addresses related to Angler and Bedep distribution networks and domains they have registered. These domains are enriched with data from PassiveTotal and ThreatCrowd.

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Website correlation with tracking codes


Services like Google Analytics allow you to easily add functionality to your website by pasting a piece of JavaScript into your page's HTML. This often includes a tracking code that uniquely identifies the site owner's account with the service. This post demonstrates how websites can be connected by looking at these tracking codes in Maltego.

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Querying Shodan in


Shodan is used by pentesters, security researchers and data scientists everywhere to analyze information about computers on the Internet. From webcams to SCADA to looking at where various SSL information in certificates can tie organisations together. This post shows how the power of link analysis from Maltego can assist in finding hidden relationships in data queried from Shodan.

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Monitoring News Events
in Maltego


This blog post presents the transforms in the NewsLink transform seeds for monitoring news posted online. NewsLink aims to assist in identifying and monitoring patterns in information posted on the Internet from a wide range of sources including Twitter, blog posts and news articles.

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Visualising relationships in the Bitcoin blockchain


This post demonstrates the use of the Bitcoin transforms that allows the user to find relationships between Bitcoin addresses in real-time from the blockchain.

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