At Paterva we make Maltego, we train on Maltego and we build solutions with Maltego.

Whois Paterva?

We’re a relatively small company located in South Africa with offices in Cape Town and Pretoria. Paterva was founded in 2007 by Roelof Temmingh and with the efforts of Chris Bohme (and the PinkMatter team) and Andrew MacPherson Maltego was released soon afterwards. The first commercial offering became available in May 2008. Today Maltego has over 400 000 registered community users and range of commercial clients from industries ranging from law enforcement and intelligence agencies to finance and banking.

Company Milestones

Since Paterva started in 2007 there have been many events that have contributed to what the company is today. The list below includes some of the company's more significant milestones.

4 July 2007:First GUI version of Maltego released as beta.
1 May 2008:Maltego version 2.0 was released and was the first commercial version.
11 June 2008:Maltego Community edition is released with BackTrack 3.0 (Kali).
18 August 2010:TDS server launched.
7 February 2012:First version of CaseFile is released with Maltego 3.1.
April 2015:The Transform Hub is introduced to the Maltego client.
July 2016:Maltego XL was released:-)

Our Culture?

Paterva is not managed like any other company. From late nights to exotic locations we move fast and get things done. Having a smaller staff means we can more specifically target projects we think will change the way people see and use the tool. Our developers are some of the best in the world and we all work close with the community to provide something everyone can use to solve difficult problems in a clever way.

Maltego is regularly shown at ‘IT security’ conferences such as Blackhat & Defcon, and many others – if not by us then by other members of the community. From a law enforcement perspective the Maltego workshops are always a favourite at conferences like FIRST, DCC and UE.

The company does not involve itself in conventional means of advertising and therefore we have no sales people, no marketing people, no glossies, no white-papers and most importantly no ads. We provide exposure to Maltego by posting projects that we have done on our blog or in a YouTube video.


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VAT Number


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Physical Address

Paterva PTY Ltd
Duncan Yard
1204 Prospect Street, Hatfield
South Africa, 0083

Company news

The best way to keep up-to-date with all things Paterva related is to keep an eye on our Twitter account, this is the first place we will post anything new. Any new projects or interesting write-ups we do will be posted on our blog and any new tutorial videos will be posted to our Youtube channel. Occasionally we will also post something to our Facebook page. All our social accounts are also linked to in the footer of each page of our site.

To get in contact with Paterva directly you can send us an email from our contact form.

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