Approved Maltego Service Providers

This page lists our AMSPs

What is an AMSP?

AMSPs are individuals and organisations that are developers and integration specialists who have used Maltego extensively and are capable of technical integrations of the tool. AMSPs know both the limitations and the capabilities of the application.

What can AMSPs do for Me?

An AMSP can seamlessly integrate your organization’s data into Maltego and adapt the tool to your own, unique requirements.

These are our AMSPs


In the modern cyber security practice every decision counts; a good decision strengthens defences and supports business, while a poor decision wastes precious resources, leaves you exposed and puts your job on the line. By leveraging Maltego, SensePost’s data analysis tools and talent empower you to collect relevant data from diverse sources, organise it, map it and present it for human analysis … thus extracting useable knowledge from the data you already have.


+44 (0)203 355 7369


Malformity Labs aims to decrease the amount of time analysts spend aggregating and collecting data. That frees up more time to conduct meaningful analysis. We spend our time connecting with partners that have useful data and users that can immediately benefit from the integration.