Buy Licenses

Buying Maltego / CaseFile is as simple as filling in your details on our payment gateway and checking your email.

What do I get?

  • A license key that is valid for one year on a single host gives immediate access to run transforms.
  • Unlimited use of transforms on commercial server, shared only by other commercial users.
  • Email-based support and integrated documentation.
  • Free to use with any external transforms and/or transform application servers.

Subscription based?

Both Maltego and CaseFile are subscription based products where you pay a renewal fee each year for the products. This ensures you get the latest updates and support from Paterva.

Maltego is $320 per year for renewal and CaseFile is $200 per year for renewal.

NOTE: If you do not wish to automatically renew simply place the order and then cancel the subscription AFTER you have ordered. Once this is done you will receive a mail from us indicating your license subscription has been cancelled.

Cannot pay with creditcard?

We understand that often companies restrict the use of credit cards for payments online and if this is the case we also accept PO's (Purchase Orders). Simply send a PO to and someone will contact you regarding the sale.

With that being said however, purchasing via a PO does mean the following:
  • Your licenses are not automatically renewed.
  • You will have to submit a PO every year for renewal.
  • You will NOT get your licenses immediately - someone will have to first process the order.

How much does Maltego and CaseFile cost?

The table below shows the pricing for a single copy of Maltego and CaseFile. For discounts please see the sections below.

Product Year 1 Year (1+n)
Maltego $760 USD $320 USD
CaseFile $250 USD $200 USD

Which version is right for me?

CaseFile is mostly used by analysts using offline data who do not need access to the Open-Source Intelligence transforms within Maltego and who do not need to run custom code to get additional information.

However we would definitely recommend that you try the community (read evaluation) versions prior to making a purchase. These can be found at the download page.


Both Maltego and Maltego CaseFile offer various discounts as indicated below:

NOTE: Discounts do not stack (you can only have one!).


Government / Law Enforcement / Education Discount: A 10% discount is offered by Paterva for individuals in any of these categories. To qualify for this discount simply send an email from your official email address to and we will reply with instructions.

Bulk Discount: All orders of 5 or more licenses will automatically qualify for a 15% discount. To qualify for this simply place an order for 5 or more licenses and the changes will be reflected on the payment gateway (Share-it).


Bulk Discount for CaseFile are as follows:

Number of Licenses Price
1-4 250 USD per License
5-19 220 USD per License
20-99 200 USD per License
100+ 150 USD per License

Reseller program

Paterva unfortunately does not have a Reseller program in place at the moment.

Problems with ShareIt?

If you are having any problems with your account on the payment gateway or are having trouble purchasing, please have a look at the Shareit customer portal which should help resolve any of these issues.

If you are still having problems please do not hesitate to contact us.