Maltego Servers

Server Overview

Maltego servers are sold as VMWare images that give you the power of Maltego within your organisation. It gives you the ability to integrate with your structured internal data and leverage internal processes as well as the ability to distribute these transforms across your enterprise. [Click here] to view a more comprehensive document on the integration options available.

The image below describes the different ways and means that you can integrate with Maltego:

Why do you want your own server?

Having your own server has many benefits including:
  • Privacy You have complete control over what information the server sends out as well as what information is sent to and saved on the server.

  • Extendibility Having your own TAS allows for the addition of modules and updates to modules any time that they are available.

  • Custom Development Having your own TAS allows for the opportunity for custom development and having the server work exactly as you want it.

  • Integration Because it is your server, it means that integration can be developed between Maltego and your applications ,data sources, in fact, just about anything that the machine can access!

Maltego Professional Server

Server Modules:
  • Maltego CTAS Server - This server includes the same transforms as those found on the publicly available server. The transforms in use on the CTAS are the same that users of the commercial or community server have access to.

    By purchasing this server you will have your own private server identical to the public server, but with the benefits of using your own infrastructure to host it. This is specifically applicable to clients with highly sensitive data. To view the transforms available on this server please look at the transform guide.

Maltego iTDS Server

Maltego iTDS Server - The iTDS server is an internal Transform Distribution Server and gives you the ability to allow transforms to be managed, shared and distributed from a central point within your organisation.


The image below describes the architecture of Maltego. The orange lines describe the client speaking directly to the servers (whilst running a transform). The blue lines link to "seeds" which are specially formulated XML documents describing the location of servers and are used in the discovery process.


To get a quotation for one or more of the Maltego servers please visit the quotation page.

Buy a Server

If you are ready to purchase a server please follow the instructions located on the server purchase page.